NEW DELHI: While attesting that the BJP is focused on parliamentary vote based system, resistance serve Rajnath Singh on Monday said in the Lok Sabha that his gathering has nothing to do with the political emergency tormenting the Congress-JD(S) alliance in Karnataka.

Rajnath Singh additionally attacked Congress President Rahul Gandhi over the issue and said that the huge number of acquiescence comes in continuation of his choice to venture down as Party Chief.

Rajnath Singh, who is deputy leader of the House, was reacting to Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury who blamed the BJP for building rebellions to destabilize the decision Congress- – JD(S) alliance.

Rajnath Singh said the BJP does not believe in politics of horse-trading.

“Whatever is happening in Karnataka, our party has nothing to do with it. Our party is fully committed to the dignity of parliamentary democracy,” he said

He alluded to Rahul Gandhi’s renunciation as Party Chief subsequent to assuming good liability for the gathering’s disaster in Lok Sabha races and to his comments that various individuals would need to made responsible for the misfortune.

Rajnath Singh proposed that senior heads of the Congress are leaving from their posts because of Gandhi’s choice and proclamation.

“The process of resignations continues. BJP has nothing to do with it,” he said.

Twenty-one ministers of the Congress in Karnataka have have resigned voluntarily from the cabinet, while an Independent MLA, who was inducted as minister last month, withdrew support from the government.

The 13-month-old coalition government slumped into crisis following the resignation of their 11 MLAs from the membership of the state Assembly on June 6.